some facts about MyISAM file handling and .MYI file In MySQL

Some facts about MyISAM File handling:

• If a table is never updated, MySQL will never touch the table files, so it would never be
marked as closed or corrupted.

• If a table is marked readonly by the OS, it will only be opened in readonly mode. Any
updates to it will fail.

• When a normal table is opened for reading by a SELECT, MySQL will open it in read/write
mode, but will not write anything to it.

• A table can be closed during one of the following events:
− Out of space in table cache
− Someone executed flush tables
− MySQL was shut down
− flush time expired (which causes an automatic flush-tables to be executed)

• When MySQL opens a table, it checks if the table is clean. If it isn’t and the server was
started with the –myisam-recover option, check the table and try to recover it if it’s

Some facts about .MYI file:

• Each key contains the entire contents of all the columns, including trailing spaces in CHAR
columns. There is no front truncation. There is no back truncation.

• For fixed-row tables: The pointer is a fixed-size (4-byte) number which contains an ordinal
row number. The first row is Record #0000. This item is analogous to the ROWID, or
RID (row identifier), which other DBMSs use. For dynamic-row tables: The pointer is an
offset in the ‘.MYD’ file.

• The normal block length is 0×0400 (1024) bytes.

• If a key value is NULL, then the first byte is 0×00 (instead of 001)and that’s all.
Even for a fixed CHAR(3) column, the size of the key value is only 1 byte.

• Initially the junk at the end of a block is filler bytes, value = 0xA5. If MySQL shifts key
values up after a DELETE, the end of the block is not overwritten.

• A normal block is at least 65% full, and typically 80% full. (This is somewhat denser than
the typical B-tree algorithm would cause, it is thus because myisamchk -rq will make blocks
nearly 100% full.)

• There is a pool of free blocks, which increases in size when deletions occur. If all blocks
have the same normal block length (1024), then MySQL will always use the same pool.

Reference : MySQL Internals

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  1. For compression of MyISAM indexes see and essentially the same text in later versions including 5.6. There is leading string prefix and trailing space compression in MyISAM indexes when PACK_KEYS is set to its default 1 value. PACK_KEYS is described at and the equivalent page in other versions.

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