How to setup CISCO VPN connection on Ubuntu 9.10

I found its really easy to setup CISCO VPN connection on Ubuntu 9.10 by using vpnc.

There are 2 ways to setup it.
1. Use network-manager on system tray and set it there.
2. install vpnc on command line and setup it in shell prompt.

I’m not happy with first option though its so easy as I have faced many issues in that. AFAIK, there is also some issue with network-manager of ubuntu 9.10. so, if we will connect with some another ISP it will be crashed. So, I have used second option where I have installed vpnc with

For the 1st option, we can use below step:

1. Click on the network-manager in the system tray
2. Choose VPN Connections -> Configure VPN
3. Click Add
4. You might have to restart the network-manager to get the added VPN connection on the list
5. Now the VPN connection should be shown in the network-manager

For the 2nd option, run below command.

sudo apt-get install vpnc

After that you will get configuration file at /etc/vpnc with name example.conf. This is the file where we can give the option to connect with VPN. It looks like this..

IPSec gateway
IPSec secret
IKE Authmode hybrid
Xauth username
Xauth password

So, for the connection, we have to copy this file to default.conf file and give the value accordingly because default.conf file will be used by vpnc for establish the connection. so..

1. go to /etc/vpnc
2. sudo cp example.conf default.conf
3. use vi/vim to update default.conf and set the value of IPSec gateway, IPSec ID means the user for connect this gateway, IPSec secret means password for gateway user, IKE authmode means authentication mode (i.e psk), xauth username means your username and xauth password means your password., (for this, your account must be created on vpn server).

4. After setting this just start the vpnc with “sudo vpnc-connect” command on shell prompt.

you will get the message prompt like below
root@server:~# sudo vpnc-connect
VPNC started in background (pid: 3278)…

So, VPN is started. Just try to ping the server which you want to access through VPN. You can also run “ifconfig” command to confirm as you will get tun0 process in the output of ifconfig.

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