How to enable compositing in ubuntu 10.10

Some time after installing of ubuntu, we are getting errors with visual effects/any dock tools like docky or AWN/ubuntu themes. i.e “You need to unable Desktop Effects (Compositer) to apply and customise themes.

Following are the simple steps to get rid out of that error.

  • Press Alt-F2 to open the “Run Application” box / Open the terminal
  • Type “gconf-editor” and press Enter
  • Go to apps >> metacity >> general
  • Select the check box next to “compositing_manager”

Now just restart that dock tool/ubuntu and error will be resolved.

If still its not resolved than you need to install 2 more utility for those effects.

shell> apt-get install compiz

shell> apt-get install simple-ccsm

Now I’m sure that it will work 🙂

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